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Lucky Jefferson is a literary journal and trove that confronts the challenges poets face as they seek publication and exposure to new readers. We highlight and empower poets who have never been published, especially those who have sought to pursue poetry and writing later in life. We believe that marginalized voices deserve a platform and that anyone should be able to pursue what calls them most.

Upcoming Issue, Labyrinth

Oh, the places we go! We'll be seeking submissions for our upcoming Summer 2020 issue that highlight the choices we make, paths we take, and this labyrinth called life.  We want to know all about how you navigate this maze-like reality—tell us where you've been and where you're going.

We are interested in unpublished poetry, especially short poems (less than 18 lines in length), prose, and free verse poems.

All finalists will be considered for publication. ​

Poetry Guidelines:

 Lucky Jefferson accepts sub­mis­sions of unpub­lished poetry on sub­jects relating to the current issue.

When submitting:

  • Send no more than three poems in a submission. Submissions exceeding this limit should be submitted separately. Poems should be submitted in a single file, with poems separated by titles or page breaks.
  • Include a cover page highlighting the poet’s name, email address, biography, and mailing address. Biographical statements should be two to three sentences or 50-75 words.
  • We do not accept translations or work that has been previously published in print or online. We do happily accept simultaneous submissions.

To keep this ship sailing, we charge a modest fee for online submissions. This money fuels the publication of Lucky Jefferson as we are a budding independent journal with an all-volunteer staff.​

Accepted poets will receive one free copy of the issue in which their work appears and social media press. Previously accepted poets may only submit every other quarter or twice each calendar year.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.