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Upcoming Print Issue, Aria

The curtains are drawn, the house lights dim to dark, a spotlight illuminates the center stage, and an audience anticipates your dramatic verses. This is an open call to all the playwrights (and those new to the craft)! We welcome you to our first collaborative script issue!

To join our production, send us 1-3 short unpublished scenes that are a continuation of Act I, Scene I:

Scene Prompt 


When submitting:

 When scripting out your scene, use Scene I (above) as a model and keep these rules in mind:

  • Replicate the dramatic structure / format
  • Only two characters in the scene: HIM and HER
  • Setting can certainly change but keep it realistic
  • The scene should not exceed 200 words
  • Have fun with stage directions and dialogue
  • You are welcomed to still incorporate poeticness in your scenes


  *Please visit https://luckyjefferson.com/submit for important info should your work be accepted*

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.